Huawei WATCH Buds was released on December 2, integrates a smart watch and wireless headphones

Today, Huawei officially announced that it will hold a new Huawei winter launch event on December 2, and at the same time, a preview video of the flip watch – Huawei WATCH Buds – broke everyone’s perception. Smartwatch, can also be designed like this?

From the preview video, Huawei WATCH Buds with flip cover design, although not open flip cover design specific features, but combined with the Buds naming judgment under the flip cover is a pair of wireless headphones. Huawei BG CEO Yu said, “this is a revolutionary breakthrough in the form and structure design of Huawei’s wearable products, allowing everyone to enjoy a convenient experience never seen before”.

Huawei WATCH Buds

In fact, no matter what kind of functional innovation, it means the birth of a new breed of smartwatch. Looking back at the development trend of all-scene products in recent years, the manufacturer that can constantly bring surprises to consumers is none other than Huawei.

From sports and health innovation to design innovation, after seven years of development, Huawei has achieved a remarkable position and success in the field of wear, constantly refreshing the industry’s development trend. From the precise judgment of the industry development, to constant try to explore more in-depth attempts, there is no doubt that Huawei in the field of intelligent wear, out of a road of its own innovation. The upcoming Huawei WATCH Buds with flip cover design, or will become another breakthrough and attempt of Huawei.

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