Hon Hai Model B revealed, will be officially unveiled on October 18

Today, Hon Hai officially revealed the appearance of the electric car – Model B.

Hon Hai said that the Model B is a new model based on Hon Hai’s open platform for electric vehicles, with a new generation of run-around and aerodynamic body design, which will be officially unveiled at the Hon Hai Technology Day on October 18.

Hon Hai Model B

Hon Hai Model B

On last year’s Technology Day, Hon Hai unveiled the Model C, the luxury saloon Model E, and the electric bus Model T. This year, it also revealed the Model B and the electric pickup Model V.

In August, Hon Hai Chairman Yang-Wei Liu revealed that the mass production version of Model C would be shown at Technology Day in October, and the Model E would be available for mass production in the second quarter of 2023.

Hon Hai Model B

In addition, Hon Hai Group produces spare parts for electric vehicles in Mexico, and the annual capacity of the Ohio plant in the United States can reach 500,000 to 600,000 units, and Hon Hai plans to increase capacity utilization in 2024.

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